iTero® Digital Scanner

iTero® Digital Scanner Healdsburg, CA

All digital, no more “putty” impressions!

Healdsburg Orthodontics was the first orthodontic office in Sonoma County to utilize the iTero® 3D Digital Scanner. The iTero® scanner is a digital intraoral scanner that produces quick colorized images to improve patient acceptance, streamline workflow, and speed up dental and orthodontic treatments. This effectively eliminates the need for conventional putty impressions of the teeth and jaws.

Here at Healdsburg Orthodontics, Dr. Marc DeBerardinis is able to use this cutting-edge technology to speed up the acquisition of impressions for Invisalign® treatment.

iTero® advantages

Advantages of iTero® digital scanner vs. traditional (putty) impressions:

  • Eliminates the gagging caused by goopy impression material
  • Superior accuracy leading to 7x fewer aligner fit issues
  • Never have to “retake” an impression due to distortion
  • Fewer chairside adjustments and shorter appointments
  • Quicker turnaround time for aligner fabrication and delivery

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Visit the iTero website to learn more about the technology.